About Sheetal

"It takes a resolute spirit and future ready vision to carry forward a trusted legacy, whilst also carving a niche for yourself in the annals of history."

This ethos aptly echoes Sheetal Zaveri's journey from being the grand daughter-in-law of Vithal Das Zaveri - founder of the long trusted brand ‘Vithaldas Zaveri Jewellers’ - to starting her own jewellery line called 'Sheetal Zaveri', which was formally launched in 2018.

The epitome of integrity which 'Vithaldas Zaveri Jewellers' carries, goes back to when Sir Vithal Das himself used to be a personal advisor to the Nizams and the Rajas of Hyderabad. His aesthetic sensibilities and penchant for creating fine pieces de resistance were unparalleled. Today his grandson, and Sheetal Zaveri's husband, Hitesh Zaveri is harnessing computer technology to add a next gen sparkle to the jewellery design process.

So when Sheetal married into a family that’s been in the jewellery business for over 200 years, it was only natural for her to be drawn to the lineage and the history of Indian jewellery that reflects our country's rich culture. However, she sought to bring in her own personality into the pieces by creating something new from the old, broken, incomplete or single pieces lying around in the family workshop. Blending the contemporary with tradition, she designed pieces which resonated with her and received appreciation and encouragement from her loved ones to start her own line.

'Vithaldas Sheetal Zaveri' stands tall on two counts. The collection features elegant two-toned jewellery that's a combination of exquisite antique pieces and 92.5% silver articles dipped in gold polish. The result is a unique fusion of vintage and modernity that as Sheetal describes "is the way most Indians are- modern in appearance but having traditional values hidden inside them". Her designs are an apt metaphor for the 21st century Indian consumer.

Today, the brand Vithaldas Sheetal Zaveri looks towards the future, driven by a resolute commitment to carry the family legacy forward by ensuring that her brand appeals to the next generation of their existing clientele with designs that serve both as everyday accessories as well as timeless heirlooms.